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  • Failure to show up or contact the office within one month of the original contact lens fitting, results in loss of any fees applied towards this procedure. If additional follow-ups are needed after the contact lens prescription has been determined there will a $24 charge for each additional office visit pertaining to your contact lenses.

  • Do's:

    1. Follow all of your doctor’s instructions and call the office if have any questions.

    2. Return to the office for your regularly scheduled follow-up visits. It is the patient's responsibility to schedule and keep appointments.

    3. Follow your wearing time schedule as prescribed by your doctor.

    4. Always thoroughly wash, rinse, and dry hands before handling lenses.

    5. Clean your lenses after wearing and before storage.

    6. Be thorough, but careful while cleaning a lens, they can tear or crack.

    7. Use fresh solution when storing in case.

    8. Rinse the storage case wells out with warm tap water then with saline after each use and let air dry with covers off.

    9. Sit or stand close to a sink while inserting lens to avoid loss of lenses.
    10. Re-clean lenses that have dropped on the floor or on your clothes.

    11. Always close drain when working near sink. A dark face cloth or towel may also be used to cover the drain.

    12. Wear eye protection now that you wear contacts for Racket sports, hockey, etc. Wear safety eyewear to avoid trauma.

    13. Avoid contact with sprays and aerosols. (Hairspray, spray paint etc.)

    14. Apply hairspray, deodorant or spray cologne before lens insertion or keep your eyes tightly closed until the spray has settled. Hair spray is very uncomfortable and hard to clean.

    15. Avoid harmful vapors and fumes especially in work areas while wearing lenses. Inform your employer that you wear contact lenses so they can recommend proper eyewear.

    16. Avoid dusty environments: wear protective eyewear.

    17. Use caution when adjusting to temperature extremes such as ovens, fireplaces, freezers or sub-zero weather.

    18. While inserting the lenses, some patients find it easier to hold back the upper eyelid back.

    19. Keep a storage case and a small bottle of lubricant or saline with you at all times for emergency use.

    20. Apply all cosmetics after inserting contact lenses, including lotions and foundations as well as all eye make-up


    1. Don't wear lenses if they are suddenly/ consistently uncomfortable.
    2. Don't wear your lens if you notice a chip or tear.

    3. Don't exceed your wearing schedule during the adjustment period.

    4. Don't wear your lenses for maximum hours if you have not worn them for a day.

    5. Don't handle your lenses roughly and avoid contact with fingernails.

    6. Don't insert your lenses over an open drain.

    7. Don't move around if a lens is dropped. Check your lashes, clothes, shoes and immediate area.
    8. Don't pick up a dropped lens with your fingernail to lift it. Dampen your finger for the lens to stick.

    9. Don't switch to a "thermal" (heat) cleaning system after using a "chemical" cleaning system or vice versa. Doing so can damage your soft lenses.

    10. Don't use any other solutions than those your doctor prescribed.

    11. Don't switch or mix brands of solutions without doctor's approval.
    12. Don't start using different brands of solution simultaneously. Start them separately so if there is a problem you can identify it.

    13. Don't touch solution bottles to lenses or case.  It can contaminate a sterile bottle of solution.

    14. Don't try to wear a soft lens that was left out of solution and has become brittle.

    15. Don't wet lenses by putting them in your mouth or using tap water.

    16. Don't overfill the storage case; it can cause a chip or cut lens when closing lenses.
    17. Don't use eye drops like Murine or Visine while wearing lenses.

    18. Don't force apart a soft lens that is folded over itself. Put the lens in your palm and soak with saline and work it out gently.
    19. Don’t rub the lenses with towels, tissue or shirttails, it may scratch.

    20. Don't swim or shower with lenses on because you are risking getting an infection.

    21. Don't wear lenses if you have a cold or flu.

    22. Don't leave lenses in "hot spots" (TV, glove box, hot sand etc).

    23. Don't sleep in lenses without doctor's approval.
    24. Don't ride in open cars without eye protection.

    25. Cold cream and deodorant soaps can leave residue on hands.

    26. Eyelash thickeners/lengtheners have contaminating fibers/additives.

    27. Waterproof mascaras are hard to remove without abrasive cleansers.

    28. Don't apply eyeliner above lower lash line; it blocks glands that produce the tear film making lens wear uncomfortable.

  • Consent: I understand that there is a risk involved with wearing contact lenses. I have read the above information and have been trained in the handling and care of my contact lenses and am aware of potential complications.